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Submitted on
October 16, 2011


8 (who?)
Hello dear members and affiliates :wave: !…

Welcome to our second big contest.…
It begins on Samhain : the first of November and ends on Yule, the twenty-first of December.
Our principal contest is a collaboration one but we have another. This alternative is for people who can't or don't want to work with other artists.

The mere rules are :
:woohoo: For the two contests :
:star: Duration : 1st November to 21st December
:star: Themes : Samhain - Animism - Symbols - Myths
:star: Submission : You can submit how many deviation you want in the contest's galleries
:star: All media are accepted
:star: You can participate to the two contests
:star: Limitation : no violence neither vulgarity (mature content is allowed only if you respect these conditions)
:star: Notation : we'll try to give a note to each creations, based on the most criterions possible (especially quality)
-> You can increase your notation with Bonus when :
- You make a traditionnal deviation (craft, drawing, painting, mixed media with traditionnal one) +1
- Help me in promoting the contest +1
- Using two or more themes +1
- Explain in details why you think the creation is linked with the themes chosen +1
- Make a creation especially for the contest +1
- Have a positive feedback from the affiliate admin

:woohoo: For the Collaboration :
:star: Your creation is made with another member of our affiliate ( eg : 1 member of :iconchamanics-pathways: and one member of :iconearthgaia: but the two member can be in each group)
-> You'll find a list of members of each group at the bottom.
:star: Your creation must be link to our themes and to a theme close to the other affiliate group (eg : a landscape with a great mythic story can be related to ~chamanics-pathways and ~earthgaia
:star: The deviation must be submited in the two group.
:star: Specify in the deviation description who do which part of the creation

:woohoo: For Solo contest :
:star: Simply use the rules for the two contests

:star: For All participants : a Christmas/Yule music playlist freely (and legaly) downloadable on Jamendo.

:star: For All winners : a special music playlist downloadable on Jamendo (celtic, pagan and inspired tunes)
Featured in :iconanothercontestgroup:, :iconfour-seasons:, :icontreelovers:, :iconelemental-animals:, :iconcraftcycle:, :iconfeature-heaven:,  :iconda-flowers:, :iconcrumblecoochiie:, :iconhyena27:'s journals

Collaboration Contest :
1ST Place :
*100 points (for each participant)
*50 points from ancient-scars (for each participant)
*A dreamcatcher from xaelmcewan
*Artwork from ancient-scars (choice of one complete inked animal tribal/tattoo design or one full charcoal and graphite of up to 2 characters of your choosing)
*A Llama from xaelmcewan

2ND Place :
*50 points (for each participant)
*A dreamcatcher pendant from xaelmcewan
*A Llama from xaelmcewan

3RD Place :
*25 points (for each participant)
*A Llama from xaelmcewan

Solo Contest :
1ST Place :
*50 points
*A painted/digital commission from nhillium
*A small graphic (6in X 8in illustration) or an angel reading… from  Big-Bad-Studios

Do you want a better contest with better prizes ?
→ Give us Llamas for winners, points, commission, crafts or what you can ;)
→ Go to our News page… and :+fav:
→ Help us to promote this contest

Have a great trial !!!



PS : For affiliates' admins, please copy/paste this on your blog if you can :

Our affiliate group :iconchamanics-pathways: organize a new collaboration contest.
Themes : Samhain – Symbol – Animism – Myths
All Medias are accepted
Deadline : 21st December
You can participate without joining this group (for solo contest) but create something with a member of chamanics-pathways (for collaboration contest) which you post in the two group.
Find the completed rules here : chamanics-pathways.deviantart.…


:star:Our friend Affiliate group :icontraditional-angels: is holding a contest.
Deadline: 31st of Dec. 2011.
Read more on their wall:  traditional-angels.deviantart.… :star:

Of course, you can participate to the two contests !!!)


:star:Our friends from :icontragicstockers: oragnize a contest too.
Theme : Dead (around Halloween)
Deadline: 1st November
:+Fav: and more here :…


:star:Our affiliates from :icondragon-luvers: organize a contest (one more :D)
Theme : Western Dragon
Deadline : 25 November
More info here :…


:star:List of participants who search someone for the collaboration contest :

:bulletred:From :iconchamanics-pathways:
:icongloriagypsy: :iconmogrianne: :iconvilva73: :iconspiritmountain: :iconindiana-w:*(special message on the bottom) :iconochiru: :iconabigtreehugger: :iconsabinalibertad: :iconcindy1701d: :iconwetdryvac: :iconcybelemoon: :iconhappyfaeriedance: :iconelrhiarhodan: :iconheathenheart: :iconvikingjon: :iconwoodwose:

:bulletblue:From affiliates :

:iconsacred-art: : :icongloriagypsy: :icondeinktvis:
:iconfaerie-wicca: : :iconhappyfaeriedance:

:iconindiana-w: say : "It occurred to me that many of us do not know each other that well.

In the friendly spirit of the collaboration contest, I'd like to extend a greeting and blessing to all of you!

I am proposing this journal entry as a spot for people who do want to collaborate with someone else to find each other-especially seeing how many people do NOT want to collaborate.

It might be a good idea to post what kind of art you want to make, what category you want to explore, and what you are looking for in a collaborator for this contest."
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indiana-w Dec 20, 2011  Student Writer
In collaboration, do we both need to submit, or is submitting the single deviation fine if both are credited?
XaelMcEwan Dec 21, 2011   Artisan Crafter
A single submission is enough ;) The ones you do with mrnakes is right ;)
indiana-w Dec 26, 2011  Student Writer
Alright, thanks for answering my question xD
XaelMcEwan Dec 31, 2011   Artisan Crafter
My pleasure ;)
Sangrde Dec 11, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
if mine is done on 10.30, is that okay with the date?
XaelMcEwan Dec 12, 2011   Artisan Crafter
Yes old deviations are allowed ;)
Very interesting. :)
XaelMcEwan Dec 11, 2011   Artisan Crafter
You're welcome if you want participate ;) you can submit old and new deviations :wave:
STelari Dec 3, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Would this one suit the contest? [link]
XaelMcEwan Dec 4, 2011   Artisan Crafter
Yes ;) And you can submit as many as you want :wave:
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